Custom Corporate Belt Buckles

Are you looking for custom company belt buckles to set your employee recognition program apart from the crowd? Would you like to give your employees and clients a gift that won’t end up forgotten in a drawer? We can create a unique custom company belt buckle especially for your company and the people that make it work. Did you know 79% of people feel undervalued in their workplace? People often take a job for more pay but they will leave it for more recognition.  Make sure your people are recognized for their outstanding contributions with gifts and awards that are as unique as they are. Please click on the photo below to see some examples of custom corporate buckles and then contact us to bring your awards to the next level.

Lack of recognition is one of the top reasons people leave a job. Giving a custom belt buckle carries more emotional weight and will be remembered and valued.

The Milestone Collection

A defined award system gives your staff clear goals and targets to strive for. Giving company belt buckles as awards not only achieves this
system but it gives your staff something particularly remarkable and stunning to work towards. Employees who receive a buckle will feel
a sense of achievement and appreciation. Studies have shown that engaged employees stay with a company 7 times longer
than non engaged employees and happy employees save you money and are more productive.

Celebrate years of service and other important anniversaries with these predesigned belt buckles. They are available in two sizes 2.5″x3.5″ and 3″x4″. The middle medallion will be customized with your company logo and the lettering is completely customizable. Please click the picture below to see the full line.

Setting up an employee recognition program can be daunting. One of the best places to start is celebrating tenure.